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Creating a plan and learning what it takes to own your own home can be intimating. Our team is here to assist you in learning more about your opportunity and helping create your home buying plan.

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Meet Karen Jones

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Senior Mortgage Loan Officer

Karen has been serving Arizona families for over 40 years. She believes in Homeownership and is ready to help your homeownership dreams come true! NMLS 307015 | AZ Lic 0914383

Meet Karen

How Much House Can Your Rent BUY?

Use our online tool to get an idea

When you are ready to explore, let us know. We help create buying plans for families to help them meet their homeownership goals. It's all about believing in homeownership!

What Rent Buys

What's happening with Home Values

Know how and where to search for information

Your Real Estate Professional is an excellent source for information, however there are tools online that you can review as well to assist with your home buying goals.

Home Values

What is the Cost of Waiting?

Ever Wonder What You Could Purchase

For the amount of what you are spending in rent?

Click on the link below for a handy tool will give you an idea of what your monthly mortgage payment could look like and some benefits of homeownership.

Cost Of Waiting

Check Out The Schools

Schools do have an impact on a homes' value, more importantly, if you have children, you'll want to know about the schools.

School Info

How Does Rising Rates Affect You?

Rising interest rates will affect the affordability of a home. Therefore, it is best to start with a plan that meets where you are currently at instead of waiting.


Keep An Eye On Market Trends

Follow sites that provide you with "real" information and not just information that entices you to submit an application. Understand the flow of the markets, it will help you in the long run.

Market Trends

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There is no cost or obligation to get educated.

Contact the Dream Team to start your Home Buying Plan of Action. Karen Jones (NMLS 307015 | AZ Lic 0914383) 480-339-1577.

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